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First Priority Restoration

If something is done sooner then it is undoubtedly better. This is very true when it comes to water damage. Building contents exposed to excess water does not get damaged as much if they are dried immediately and quickly. If a flooded building gets dried rapidly, both the property owner and the insurer will benefit. Chance of mold growth is gets reduced. First Priority Restoration uses a quick and revolutionary drying process that stands apart from other dehumidification processes.

Open Drying or Closed Dehumidification
Fresh outside air is the drying source for First Priority Restoration. At first Priority Restoration outside air gets conditioned and blown in to the flooded building at 2% RH(Relative Humidity). This open drying process results in a clean and dry building in just few days. Refrigerants and desiccant humidifiers are closed systems circulating the same indoor air over and over again. Because of this, unpleasant odors and mold spores result. Which is better? Open drying with fresh air or contaminated circulating air? You yourself can decide.

First Priority Restoration-Efficient and Economical

First Priority Restoration is always striving on being the fastest and cost effective drying process in in the industry. First Priority Restoration's state-of-the-art equipment plus personnel to operate them are available everywhere throughout South Florida. Call us when you need First Priority Restoration, we will perform quickly & efficiently.