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Dehumidification and Moisture Service

What is Dehumidification?
Dehumidification is the process of taking out excess moisture content from a place thereby lowering the humidity of the area. To dehumidify, air is cooled enough so that it cannot retain its moisture anymore. The moisture is then either collected in a dehumidifier or is passed out through a connecting hose. This results in less humid air and the air is not dry either so that problems associated with dry don't occur.

Why Dehumidification is important?
Excess humidity in any area can cause lot of problems. It can cause formation of fungus and mold which in turn can lead to several diseases. Further, excess humidity can damage your walls, floors, furniture, etc. It can also lead to flaky wall plaster, peeling wallpaper and rotted furniture if not controlled at appropriate time.

Dehumidifiers - Do I need one?
In today's life, people are experiencing different health problems and one major reason for health problems is the air we breathe, not only the outside air but indoor air too. This leads to problems like allergies, asthma, hay fever, skin problems, etc. Dehumidifier is a device which makes the air less humid and more pure thus reducing chances of so many diseases. So, in case your work place or house is excessively damp, you need a dehumidifier to keep you healthy.

Types of Dehumidifiers
There are many different types of humidifiers that are available in the market to suit the needs of different people and places (like office, school, workplace, etc). The following types are particularly important:

  • Home dehumidifiers : As the name suggests, it is meant for dehumidifying homes including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. Basements are especially important in homes as they are often neglected and can become excessively damp and humid. There are different types of home dehumidifiers like mini dehumidifiers, portable dehumidifier, closet dehumidifiers, room dehumidifiers, and whole house dehumidifiers.
  • Light commercial dehumidifiers : These types of dehumidifiers are useful for offices, small commercial establishments, libraries, etc where dampness can lead to damage of property or important papers.
  • Industrial dehumidifiers : Industrial dehumidifier is used at large places where high humidity can cause significant loss. It is used at health clubs (as you can't afford to unhealthy atmosphere at health clubs), museums (to protect rare species, art, etc), book stores, etc. It can also be used at large basements especially after floods to take out excess moisture.

Points to keep in mind while using Dehumidifiers
The following points need to be kept in mind while using dehumidifiers:

  • Proper cleaning of coils
  • Removal of water from bucket
  • Ensuring that doors and windows are closed to avoid air loss
  • Keeping a check on frost on the coil and in case of excess frost, turning off the machine for sometime
  • Ensuring that the unit is unplugged before cleaning
  • A proper grounded outlet is used for Dehumidifier

One can buy a dehumidifier from branded companies like LG, Whirlpool, Goldstar, Maytag, etc. By using a dehumidifier one can achieve an optimum level of humidity and can live a healthy life.

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