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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage ranges from smoke damage to being burnt completely. If the extent of damage is less furniture clothes and other such things can be refurbished after the fire has ended.
There are two types of fire damages - Odor and Soot.

Fire Damage Restoration
There are ways to restore objects that have been damaged by fire. Unless you have the necessary knowledge and skill, it is difficult to restore the fire damaged properties. It is always good to turn to a professional for fire damage restoration. When doing so ensure that the company is an accredited contractor. Because the insurance claims will go up if the company is not an accredited one.

Residential Restoration Tips
You may desperately wish to clean up the place immediately after the fire fighters had left. But if you are not careful, you may cause more damage to your property.

After Fire Activities

    'Things to do' Tips:
  • Open the widows so that fresh air comes in and the fire smell goes away.
  • Protect your pets. Shift them to a safe and clean place.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner (If it is not affected by the fire) on carpets, curtains and upholstery to remove smoke and soot particles.
  • Give your plants a complete wash with water.
  • Put covering sheets on sofa and chairs before you sit on it.
  • If things are too complex It is better to get the services of a professional.

    'Don't do' Warnings:
  • Never turn on an electrical appliance before it is checked.
  • Do not clean absorbent surfaces like ceilings and walls.
  • Do not send the clothes for dry cleaning as it will set the smoke and odor on the clothes permanently.
  • Do not eat exposed food and canned foods that might have been affected by extreme heat.

There are some specific tasks that you should do right after the fire fighters have left. Given below is the list of such tasks.

  • Call your insurance agents immediately so that the degree of damage can be assessed and documented.
  • Call a professional company to do fire damage restoration work for you.
  • Use a room deodorizer to dissipate the smell of fire and smoke.

    Commercial Restoration Tips
  • Restoration process should start as early as possible.
  • Even small leaks can be hazardous. So do not leave them un attended for long.
  • Decide on what is restorable and what could not be.
  • Adhere to effective restoration process. Choice of cleaning method is also significant.
  • HVAC system needs to be checked and repaired first.
  • Contact a certified restorer for performing restoration work. In this way secondary damage can be reduced and building down time will also be less.

Note: All the electronics like computer, typewriter, printer, copying machine etc can also be restored fully by skilled professionals.

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