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First Priority Restoration

If something is done sooner then it is undoubtedly better. This is very true when it comes to water damage. Building contents exposed to excessive water do not get damaged as extensively if they are dried immediately and properly. If a flooded building gets dried rapidly, both the property owner and the insurer will benefit. The chance of mold growth is greatly reduced as well. First Priority Restoration uses a quick and revolutionary drying process that stands apart from other dehumidification processes.
Plumbing Services

Established in 1992 Sonic Plumbing is a family run business, which prides itself on a good quality professional service. With over 20 years combined industry experience. Our friendly team of plumbers represents a great mix of youth and knowledge. Learn More

Water Damage Removal

Speed is essential when building materials and contents are water damaged. Every hour the building and contents are wet increases the drying time making the recovery more costly. Our emergency response teams can be there within 1-2 hours. Learn More

Mold Remediation

Mold and sewage backups contaminate indoor environments and create unhealthy and possibly dangerous conditions and degrade building materials. We follow the EPA and IICRC approved S520 standards to safely contain and remove mold. Learn More

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage ranges from smoke damage to being burnt completely. If the extent of damage is less structural, furniture clothes and other such things can be refurbished after the fire has ended. There are two other types of fire damages most people don't think about - Odor and Soot. Learn More

Leak Detection

Do you have water spots and think you have a water leak but don't know where it's coming from? Maybe you have a dripping tap, leaking toilet or weak plumbing? Whatever the case, detecting a water leak is a very important issue, not to be taken lightly. Learn more

Asbestos Removal

Reducing exposure to asbestos by repairing damaged material will involve covering the material or sealing it. Sealing is commonly used for pipe, furnace, and boiler insulation. The sealing process either coats the material, reducing fiber release, or binds the fibers together. Learn More

Board Up

Unless your home is equipped with hurricane shutters, an approaching storm means you'd better get busy putting plywood over your windows. Exterior grade plywood is inexpensive, readily available, and has 30 percent greater impact strength than OSB. Learn More

Biohazard Cleanup

When the super bug, staph germ, infects your building, office, or home, speed is essential to use cleaning services to minimize any further loss. WaterDamageR us .com's reputation has been built on superior performance, integrity and client satisfaction for our cleaning services. Learn More


What is dehumidification? Dehumidification is the process of taking out excess moisture content from the air in a place thereby lowering the humidity of the area. To dehumidify, air is cooled enough so that it cannot retain its moisture anymore. Learn more